Glamping AustraliaGlamping in Australia is taking off, and we notice it directly. Not only are all resorts with glamping accommodations booked full over the holiday season, more and more resorts, farmers, wineries and caravan grounds are enquiring about the possibilities on how Glamping can work for them. There is lots of growth and there is plenty of room to grow even more.

Eco-friendly falling asleep under a billion stars whilst roasting marshmallows and sipping wine around a campfire.

“Wait, have we pitched our tent yet??”

Many find the latter a bit intimidating…

So, who goes glamping?

Couples, families and even corporate groups are getting into glamping. Glamping is for everyone, but there is one group in particular that really gets into it, this group is the “Next Economic Order” – in short “the NEOs

An Australian social scientist by the name of Ross Honeywill splits society into two, the Next Economic Order and the traditional economic order. The NEO typology is as follows: they’re as different as truffles and McDonald’s!

The NEOs are socially progressive, high spending and highly flexible with choice, the vast majority of NEOs are in the big spender category. Their traditional counterpart on the other hand is more conservative socially, are reluctant spenders and passive investors regardless of their income or net worth. Traditionals value features, functions and the right deal more than the quality and a premium relationship (valued by the NEO’s). Almost none of the traditionals are high unrestricted spenders. Neo’s are a quarter of the Australian population and have a powerful social and business influence, decisions are made based on what others say more than anything.

Quoted from Ross Honeywill:

“NEOs are largely metropolitan dwellers, with more of them living in urbanised NEO cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Vancouver (Canada), San Francisco (California) than anywhere else. More than half (53 per cent) of NEOs have a university degree, compared to 30 per cent of the population or 17 per cent of Traditionals. NEOs are as committed to learning a living as they are to earning a living.”

What it comes down to is this: NEOs spend more, and more frequently, and more than anyone else – typically, 3 times the amount of a Traditional’s spending.

NEOs spend less on traditional products and choose to spend on creating emotional experiences by buying brands and experiences that are authentic and offer provenance. And this is where Glamping comes in; they’re vacationing in places that enrich their spirit; they’re buying more experiences, more frequently; they’re outsourcing personal services like driving (Uber) and cooking;

This is very profitable for both the resort as well as the community in which the resort is located.
When you introduce glamping you attract those city dwellers with the Tesla and Mercedes. The people whom would never even consider to go camping suddenly arrive at your doorstep and “not” with a fully loaded esky, they are there to experience what is available locally.

According to Ross Honeywell: “They want beauty, design, quality, rich information, authenticity, flexibility, provenance and choice.”



Safari TentThe Safari tent blends in with the Australian landscape, a beautiful high-quality eco-friendly design with low impact on the environment, we don’t use concrete ever (if it’s up to us). The majority of this structure is wood and canvas, even the home made furniture matches the outside. Authentic, rustic, peacefull and eco-friendly. There is no structure like this both in terms of return on investment as well as look, feel and durability. The whole structure blends with the environment, if it’s light outside it’s light inside. Combine it with a wood fire stove or a modern (less eco-friendly) AC split-system and get all the home comforts whilst retaining the outside roughing-it feel. Our bed nooks have a provenance in the old days and one can choose how they use them, a reading corner, sleeping quarters, or kid’s play area. There is as much flexibility as there are ideas, you think of it and we’ll make it (if regulations allow).

Bell Tent

A centuries old design, now upgraded to stand the test of time. Our TOP RANGE bell tents enable even the smallest budget to get into glamping whilst still retaining the feel of luxury. Combine a bell tent with a deck and it really feels like a home. All the furniture you’ll need can be provided, even a fireplace and AC split-system for added comfort are options. Our new TOP RANGE Bell Tent is so much improved that it will now last throughout many years of continuous outside use, truly made for a one time setup glamping experience without worries. All the glamping canvas we use is fire retardant, mould resistant, UV resistant, mildew resistant and still breathable whilst letting through the light of day.

Inside the tent it feels as much alive as the nature around you, it is the perfect blend between protection and exposure.


Earlier this week:
GlamXperience: “Unfortunately we are currently out of stock”
J. (client referring us): “Bugger! They wont get a better quality that’s for sure!”


The authenticity of glamping is the blending with nature, you are totally there but sheltered. You experience your surrounding instead of observing. Combining luxury with kicking it in the sticks. And then there is the Glamtainer, but that is for another day…


Doubting between Hilton or a sleeping bag

– probably a glamper –