Farms, wineries, and restaurants – all of these industries are dependent on seasons; with success often being dictated by the weather.

What if I told you success could be more in your hands, not dependant on the weather.


I thought so!


In Europe, season-based industries have found an unconventional way to expand, by means of heavy-duty canvas!

Worry no more, profits through the door.

It’s a special kind of canvas, it’s fire retardant, UV resistant, heavy-duty, weatherproof, long-

lasting and made into an eco-friendly

(drum roll please…)

Glamping tent!


Glamping, have you heard of it?

It’s the mix between “Glamour” and “Camping” that has been taking over the tourism industry for years now.
And, it’s starting to make its blend with other industries (and for good reasons!)

Glamping structures are unprecedented in their return on investment.
They can pay for themselves within two years, and being in the legal framework of caravans, avoid some pesky permits!

  • Farmers in Europe have found that mixing things up with Glamping enables them to spread awareness whilst at the same time ensuring their own futures.
  • Wineries in Australia are discovering the perks of providing Glamping accommodation to guests, making them not stay 4 but 48 hours or more instead.
  • Restaurants with land to spare attract new customers, catering for them from morning till midnight and in the process make customers for life.


“It (Glamping) is a beautiful concept; I am very satisfied that I took the effort eight years ago to join. It gives a good side income! We are now in the eighth season and are having a great return on investment, especially seeing the amount of work we put in with the both of us. Because of our partnership, many people visit the property that normally would never be here, this creates for fun conversations and is very pleasant. We even have many returning guests, some children even enter the car crying because they don’t want to go home since they’ll miss the horses so much.

Well, I guess that says it all.”


Jan & Saskia – Fleur Stables Horse farm


Farms, estates and reserves, from hiking to hammocking, from seclusion in nature to romantic escapes, from family getaways to merry chaos with friends! People are looking for something new to escape, an air-conditioned canvas retreat is that new thing they are looking for.

GlamXperience has been helping farmers, wineries and restaurants maximise their profits for more than ten years worldwide.

It’s easy to take advantage of this special kind of canvas

Girl with a horse at safari tents farm glamping

Glamping on farm children behind tractor

Children at farm glamping playing on hay


We’ll be attending the Seymour Alternative Farming expo the 14-16th February in our Safari tent at site T41. Come find us and ask us about our “SEYMOUR SPECIAL” to see what we can do for you. 

We’ll be actively working together with local government to help with the relief of areas affected by bushfires, enabling farms and wineries to live through the time they need in order to regrow their businesses.

Venture out and give glamping a go!


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