Hi all,

My name is Daniel and I’m new here at GlamXperience, a 32-year-old Dutchy with a background in real estate and psychology, then I learned about GlamXperience and that was it, I was sold. I just had to come and work here; it was so obvious it was a given. Now that I’m here I’m loving every step of the way, account manager reporting for duty to make your vision a reality! Innovation, sustainability and accommodation, it’s everything I ever looked for and more. It’s going to be busy and we’re bracing ourselves for a serious growth phase because the glamping trend is going nowhere except up! If you’re asking yourself: Why is Glamping so popular? Then this blog post is for you. The worldwide glamping trend is taking off like a rocket and no signs of it slowing down any time soon.

Leon and Sandra are at the forefront of glamping since 2009, within ten years they became trendsetters and market leaders, this is was when glamping was just becoming a thing. After a successful run-up and taking over Europe family Juffermans moved to Australia where GlamXperience Pty Ltd. was born in 2016. With the glamping experts down under it’s now your turn to reap the benefits, and not a moment too late because glamping in Australia is hot and getting hotter! (pun intended) Australia is now at the 6th position of Glamping interest worldwide followed closely by the Netherlands.

Interest in glamping varies per season, as you can see below, there is a worldwide drop of interest around December (everyone else’s winter) with a little peak in January (holidays) and massive peaks in the average summer months of July.

If we look at Australia however, we work with reversed seasons, so we reach our peak every January with smaller peaks in April and a general low in the months of May and June. We are now poised for the highest January peak for glamping recorded in Australian history, so you’d better be ready! (all this data is publicly accessible on Google Trends).

Glamping trend

There is no denying, glamping is trending and it’s trending hard. Glamping is that escape that you’ve been meaning to take, and people are starting to realize it. A moment back to nature, sheltered but not isolated from the elements. Luxurious camping, all the fun and none of the hassle. No unpacking of the tent and sleeping a cold semi-comfortable air mattress in a semi damp sleeping bag, no packing up of these things after either. It’s the full tent experience with the full home comfort of an actual bed, a sink with water, often a fridge and sometimes even a shower, bath, wood fire and a toilet inside the tent, yes, actually.

The zipper is there, the wind soothingly pushing on the canvas walls and roofs, the sounds of nature, the light of the sun subtly shining through the walls and windows, it’s all there! You have escaped the city and are fully there in nature, you’re “roughing it”, well… let’s say you can tell your friends that you were.

If you are looking for an investment opportunity, trying to follow the trend or just boost farm revenue (because it is so darn hot), glamping might be a solution and GlamXperience is the answer. Want to catch this season’s peak? We have just the thing.

Ask us about our “in a rush package” and we’re going to help you out as fast as humanly possible.