Nowadays glamping is not only about luxury and comfort. People want to experience and create memories. Spa and well being, in the form of a wood fired hot tub, is a lovely addition to your boutique resort.


Your guests will love the natural design of the Dutchtub Wood, placed in front of their luxury Safari TentIt is designed by Floris Schoonderbeek of the Dutch company Weltevree. The wood fired hot tub is a combination of the same polyester as the Dutchtub Original with a preserved wood exterior. The seats of the Dutchtub Wood are ergonomic and feel very comfortable.

High quality

The inner shell of the Dutchtub Wood is made of a colorfast and long-lasting polyester. The outer ring consists of preserved wood. The high quality materials are all weatherproof and can stay outdoors all year round.


The Dutchtub Wood only weighs 85 kilo and is easy to lift with 2 people. This makes the tub a lightweight and mobile wood fired hot tub for your glamping resort, glamping wedding or event.

Wood fired Hot Tub

The Dutchtub Wood is a wood fired hot tub, and a great outdoor activity for your guests. The fire in the basket heats the water in the tub, and allowing natural circulation to move it through the stainless coil.

Create your own mini spa with the Dutchtub Wood!!


•  Eco-friendly

•  Light weight





The Dutchtub Wood is delivered standard with a fire basket, a cover, a turbo valve, and a special wok, which keeps the heat of the fire in the coil. If you would like to receive a brochure, please contact us.

Dutchtub WoodSizes
Height84 cm
Width170 cm
Length260 cm
Distance between feet80 cm
Weight75 kg
Capacity650 liter

When the Dutchtub Wood is filled it can reach 1400 kg. A small plate under the tub can spread the weight of the tub.

Always check your construction with an official contractor, when the Dutchtub Wood is placed on a deck, terrace or platform.

MaterialThe tub is made from a high-quality and long lasting glass fibre polyester. The polyester is colorfast and weatherproof. The material used for the outer-ring is preserved Plato wood.

The tub can be cleaned with a towel and some mild cleaner like Simple Green.

The Dutchtub Wood can withstand soap, salt, hydrogen peroxide and small amounts of chlorine. Though using chemically treated water next to a wood fire is not recommended. Non chemically treated water can be used again to water your garden or to recycle into a grey water system.

We recommend emptying the tub and flushing the spiral with clean water after each time of use.
Olive green (on the inside)
SpiralThe spiral is made of 316 stainless steel. Which makes it perfect to stay outdoors all year round.
Turbo valveThe tub is equipped with a turbo valve. This is a connection at the bottom of the coil for the garden hose.

The water from the garden hose is heated in the coil before it floats in the Dutchtub Wood. This way the water will be more quickly at temperature.
Fire basket & shield The Dutchtub Wood is a wood fired tub. The fire basket is where you light the fire, and the basket regulates the temperature of the Dutchtub Wood. The basket is placed in the coil and can be slide up and down to heat more or lesser turns of the coil.

Because the tub is made of wood it needs protection from the heat of the fire. This is why it comes with a fire shield.

The fire basket is as dangerous as a bbq. The fire is hot, so caution must be taken whenever children are using the Dutchtub Wood. The spiral cools itself because of the water circulation. So it doesn't get red hot.
Time & energy • Getting the tub at 38°C/100℉, ± 2 hours
• ± 2 bags/2.5 cubic ft of firewood
• Keeping the Dutchtub at 38°C/100℉
• ± 1 bag/1.25 cubic ft of firewood for 4 hours
CoverFunctions of the cover:
• Keeps the warmth in the tub during the heating.
• Keeps the tub clean, when it is not in use.

The Dutchtub is as dangerous as a pool, so caution must be taken whenever children are using the hot tub. That is why we deliver it with a cover.
WokThe wok is placed on top of the coil, and this keeps the heat of the fire in the coil. It can also be used for cooking.
How it worksThis is how the Dutchtub Wood works:
• Connect the garden hose to the turbo connection
• Fill the tub above the plate of the logo
• Make a fire in the coil
• Place the wok on the fire (this keeps the heat in the spiral)
• Put the cover on the tub
• Stir the water regularly
• Keep the fire burning
• When 38°C. The tub is ready for use.

When the water gets too hot, you can allow the fire to burn slower or simply spin the basket up within the spiral. The higher the basket, the lower the circulation. This option preserves the ambiance of the flames.
Accessories• Ashtray
• Chimney
• Table