Story Time: Our timeless Tasmania Glamping trip

Wow… what an amazing adventure - is what we said to each other after arriving back in Melbourne. Imagine combining all of the best spots in Australia together onto this small picturesque island – This is what it was like! And even though I describe it as a small island, it is still twice the size of the Netherlands! One of our highlights was the lovely and peaceful Scamander Sanctuary Holiday Park, located on the Tasmanian highway between Bay Of Fires and Wineglass Bay. Upon arriving we received a very warm welcome from the General Manager, Louise. We were guided [...]

Story Time: Our timeless Tasmania Glamping trip2020-01-08T09:52:49+11:00

Greetings from our test team (Glamping Victoria)

Luxury Glamping Victoria? Our test team put it to the test and recently went glamping on Phillip Island. And they were so excited, that they wanted to blog about it. But before you read this, keep in mind that our test team's first language is Dutch. We didn't want to correct the text since it has a lot of character and it didn't feel right to "alter" their story. Roméé Hi, I’m Romee from the test team. We went a few weeks ago to Phillip Island. At the beginning, we had to drive almost 1,5 hour. During the trip, I [...]

Greetings from our test team (Glamping Victoria)2020-02-06T14:13:06+11:00