Luxury Glamping Victoria? Our test team put it to the test and recently went glamping on Phillip Island. And they were so excited, that they wanted to blog about it. But before you read this, keep in mind that our test team’s first language is Dutch. We didn’t want to correct the text since it has a lot of character and it didn’t feel right to “alter” their story.


Hi, I’m Romee from the test team.

We went a few weeks ago to Phillip Island.

At the beginning, we had to drive almost 1,5 hour. During the trip, I slept and I was dreaming about candyland.

I woke up because we drove on a bumpy road. When I opened my eyes we arrived at the camping. That looks beautiful.

When it became dark, we came back from the penguins and I saw a lot of lights. Between the lights, I saw a beautiful tent, not a normal tent but a glamping tent. It’s a tall tent, with a shape of a circle and in the top a shape of a triangle.

My brother, Daniel and I slept on an airbed. I was there also with my mom and my teacher, Sigrid. They slept in a real bed. When I was in bed and it’s started to rain. It looks like if it was raining tacos! Because of that sound, I could sleep very well.

In the middle of the night, I went with my mom to the toilet. This was a special toilet, made from wood with a big hole in it. When I was done, I had to put some wooden things in it.

The boss of the camping told me I have to stomp with my feet in the grass because of the snakes. I hope we could sleep there another time.

Glamping Victoria, Phillip Island, Compost Toilet


Hi, I’m Daniel.

We went to Phillip Island. The last distance of our trip, we had to drive on a bumpy road.

We slept in a tent on an airbed and I liked it very much.

The shape of the tent is a circle tent and we call it a Belltent. In the middle of the tent is a tall pole and the tent is fixed with ropes.

I was with my sister, Romee, my teacher Sigrid, my mom Sandra and myself.

We visited a lot of penguins during sunset. I didn’t bring a jacket, so I was freezing. When I saw the first penguin I forgot that I didn’t wear a jacket, I was so excited to see all those little penguins. There was also a guide, she explained we have to be quiet, but there were a lot of people so it was difficult to be quiet.

When we came back at our camp side, we played a game and ate chips.

There was also a special toilet/shower made with stuff from a farm. The boss made it by himself, handy man. When I was done at the toilet, you can’t flush but you have to put wooden things on it, it was weird but also good for nature.

When I was laying in my bed it started to rain. The sound was funny.

In the morning we had to say goodbye and I hope we come back soon.

Thanks for reading my blog about my stay at Phillip Island in a Glampingtent.

Our testteam
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