Pricing your glamping nights might sound challenging, but it does not have to be! Keep in mind that a glamping night is not just accommodation, it’s an experience – and your customers, the NEO’s, are willing to pay for that! How much a glamping experience will eventually cost, will depend on the following factors:

  1. What kind of seller are you? 
  2. How private is your location?
  3. What are the special touches of your location? (f.e. The view)
  4. How large is the location and how many people can be accommodated?
  5. How big is the competition?
  6. What season are you in?
  7. What other products are you selling? 

Small resorts, land & vineyard owners

Depending on the competition around you, (e.g. are you the only vineyard in the region offering glamping and wine- breakfast?) the nightly costs of glamping at your vineyard or resort can vary a lot.  

As most resorts & vineyards offer multiple options for a customer to spend his/ her money (sauna, massage, breakfast, lunch dinner) it’s a good strategy to keep accommodation costs lower and upsell the other items instead. Learn more about your upsell options here: expand your vineyard with glamping. 

Bell Tent: $130 – $190 low season / $175 – $300 in high season 
Safari Tent: $190 – $250 / $250 – $450 in high season

Retreats, hotels and investment properties

The more unique the location, the higher the price. Glamping tent on top of a tall building? It’s possible! Many retreats have looked into very secluded accommodation slots with lots of privacy and incredible views. 

Can you offer a prime spot to see the sunset? Or watch over the valley? Get prepared to up your prices. You customers are mostly couples, who want to make something special of their stay. 

Safari tent: $300 – $490 in low season / $400 – $590 in high season
Domes: $300 – $450 in low season / $450 – $650 in high season
Glamtainers: $300 – $450 in low season / $425 – $625 in high season

Farm stays

Are you a farmer and do you have some land left? Glamping is the perfect secondary income for farmers. Often family orientated, nights on a farm stay are sold not only as “just an accommodation” but a day in the life of the country. Take your guest fruit picking, let the children feed the animals, let the family taste some true local products or offer a guided walk around the property. Don’t forget that the experiences included in your stay also count in determining the costs of a night stay! 

Bell tents: $130 – $190 low season / $175 – $300 in high season
Safari tents:  $240 – $390 low season  / $290 – $350 high season
Glamtainers: Average $350 per night, $450 in high season

Caravan park owners

If you offer glamping as a luxury upgrade-option in a caravan park, the limited space you have often does not allow you to make the experience a “one of a kind $500 stay”. BUT glamping still is definitely more special than staying in for instance: a cabin.  Most of our holiday park customers set their prices as follows:

Bell Tent: $120 /$160 in low season, and $165 – $199 in high season
Safari Tent: $160/$195 in low season, and $260 – $330 for nights in high season

We hope that we have gotten you some ideas determining the costs of a night’s stay! Want to learn more about attracting customers to your glamping site? Read all about it in our article or get in touch with us.