In history, tents have been used as shelter by native Americans, militaries on the move, and nomadic people. In the early societies, particularly nomadic people, set up tents which matched their lifestyle and environments. But when did people start to Glamp?

History of Glamping

The claim to the true history of glamping is not totally clear. During the 16th and 17th century, at the peak of the Turkish empire, the Ottomans set up luxury and extravagant Bedouin tent cities for their Sultans. These tents were decorated with expensive rugs, furniture, sedari’s (lounge couch), chandeliers and silk fabrics. They didn’t use the term “Glamping”, but looking back they might have been the world’s first glampers.

Later, in the 19th century, wealthy American and European explorers demanded luxurious bedding and comfort while on safari in Africa. They wanted to maintain their comfort from home and brought this with them to the outdoors. This resulted in king sized beds and comfortable furniture in canvas Safari Tents.

Both the Ottomans and the wealthy safari travellers, combined comfort and luxury with large tent structures. So the concept of glamorous camping is centuries old, but what about the word ‘Glamping”?

The trend Glamping

The new concept of Glamping and the word itself, was introduced in the United Kingdom at the start of the 21th century. It was a response to the fact that people demanded more of camping. Sleeping on knobby groundsheets, with just the basics for cooking and washing, was sometimes too much about survival, and did not add to a holiday feeling.

Glamping in the form of glamorous camping has a whole new approach. Canvas Residences with comfort bedding, kitchen, cosy woodburner, luxury bathroom and chandeliers, brought back a century old concept. Glamping is a continuing trend, and appears in different forms. The Bell Tents are a big success at music festivals, you can go winter glamping in a Geodesic Dome, or choose city glamping on a rooftop in Melbourne. But best known are the luxurious Safari Tents, you can find all over Europe, and which GlamXperience will introduce in Australia in July 2016.

Léon Juffermans
GlamXperience Australia™

About GlamXperience™

In 2015 Léon and his wife Sandra, realized that Australia has everything for taking their concept of glamping to the next level. As THE outdoor country of the world, and with a population that is aware of the importance of balance between work, family and spare time, Australia will form the base for their new company GlamXperience. As one of the founding directors of the first and most successful glamping companies in Europe, Léon is always looking to learn, evolve and innovate. Together with his family, their European and new found Australian partners, GlamXperience will take off from July 2016 in Victoria, Australia.