“Glamping is a portmanteau of glamour and camping and describes a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with “traditional” camping”

The trend Glamping was born in 2005 in the UK, and is a fusion of glamorous & camping.

Outdoor Experience without sacrificing luxury

There have been many camping trends in the past years, but this trend really sticks around. Glamping tourism sites are rising all over the world.

Whether it’s a Safari tent, Bedouin tent, Glamtainer, tipi or treehouse, glamping is a way to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury. It has forgone sleeping bags and knobbly cold ground sheets. Glampers want to stay in an authentic canvas residence with soft matrasses, wellness facilities, trendy quilts, chandeliers and cosy wood burners. It must be inspiring, authentic, comfortable and ecofriendly. People are willing to pay for these experiences.

High demand

There is a high demand for travellers who want to experience the positive aspects of the great outdoors.

They want to absorb the fresh air,
and feel close to nature without the uncomfortable negatives of camping. No more leaky tents and sleeping on the ground…. The so called milleniums want 5 star luxury canvas resorts, which also focuses on the environment and are as local and authentic as possible.

Added to this…. Staying in a hotel isn’t what it is used to be. Most hotels don’t offer any new experiences. Glamping continues where most hotels stop. By providing outdoor bathrooms, hot tubs, scenic views, and a real connection with her surroundings. Glamping is creating a completely new market segment for the hospitality industry.

Fast return on investment

A positive aspect of glamping is that people are willing to pay for these experiences. Depending on the level of luxury, and the total experience, the price range lies between $150 till $1000 a night. The temporary structures offer quick building times, and easier permit processes. Thanks to that you get a fast Return on Investment and this can boost a lot of businesses. Businesses like vineyards, rural farms, wellnesses, hotel resorts and campgrounds can benefit from the glamping trend that is here to stay.

Léon Juffermans
GlamXperience Australia™

About GlamXperience™

In 2015 Léon and his wife Sandra, realized that Australia has everything for taking their concept of glamping to the next level. As THE outdoor country of the world, and with a population that is aware of the importance of balance between work, family and spare time, Australia will form the base for their new company GlamXperience. As one of the founding directors of the first and most successful glamping companies in Europe, Léon is always looking to learn, evolve and innovate. Together with his family, their European and new found Australian partners, GlamXperience  operates in the Asia Pacific market from their base in Melbourne.