The cost of glamping – how much should I charge for a night in a glamping tent?

Pricing your glamping nights might sound challenging, but it does not have to be! Keep in mind that a glamping night is not just accommodation, it’s an experience - and your customers, the NEO’s, are willing to pay for that! How much a glamping experience will eventually cost, will depend on the following factors:What kind of seller are you?  How private is your location? What are the special touches of your location? (f.e. The view) How large is the location and how many people can be accommodated? How big is the competition? What season are you in? What other products [...]

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How to attract customers to your glamping business

It’s never too early to start reaching out to your potential customers. Usually, we recommend starting researching a little about the potential of your spot as soon as you’ve ordered your tent. That way, when your tent arrives, gets installed and is ready to be decorated, you have a better idea on how to suit your customer target market.The glamping industry customers are known to be “NEOs” - highly progressive individualists, who don’t mind spending a little more in order to get the best and authentic experience. Read more about Neo's here.Now, let’s get started! We hope that the following [...]

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How to start a Glamping business in Australia – 8 steps

By starting a glamping business ourselves several years ago, we have learned (through trial and error) almost all there is to know about building this kind of organization from the ground up. The joys but also the stresses around starting a business are actually something we still deal with on a daily basis. Besides learning by doing, we have also received help & feedback from other glamping specialists, which we thankfully applied to our knowledge each year in order to design better and more durable products. We have a great passion for glamping and the industry as a whole, and [...]

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The right time to start a Glamping business in Australia is NOW

Yes, you read it: there has probably never been a better time to set up a glamping business in Australia. Why would you say? Isn’t there some crazy virus going around, killing off tourism altogether? Well yes, a lot is going on and with that, a lot is changing. A whole new (primarily domestic) market is arising at the moment. And when travelling is up and running again, you and your glamping site will actually be one of the directions these new travellers are heading towards! Who are your new customers? - Get to know the Australian NEOsThe entire tourism industry [...]

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The market in Australia, who goes glamping?

Glamping in Australia is taking off, and we notice it directly. Not only are all resorts with glamping accommodations booked full over the holiday season, more and more resorts, farmers, wineries and caravan grounds are enquiring about the possibilities on how Glamping can work for them. There is lots of growth and there is plenty of room to grow even more. Eco-friendly falling asleep under a billion stars whilst roasting marshmallows and sipping wine around a campfire. "Wait, have we pitched our tent yet??" Many find the latter a bit intimidating... So, who goes glamping? Couples, families and even corporate [...]

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Why is Glamping so popular?

Hi all, My name is Daniel and I’m new here at GlamXperience, a 32-year-old Dutchy with a background in real estate and psychology, then I learned about GlamXperience and that was it, I was sold. I just had to come and work here; it was so obvious it was a given. Now that I’m here I’m loving every step of the way, account manager reporting for duty to make your vision a reality! Innovation, sustainability and accommodation, it’s everything I ever looked for and more. It’s going to be busy and we’re bracing ourselves for a serious growth phase [...]

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Building four breathtaking hotel rooms in less than three days

The people of the small town of Hepburn Springs witnessed something incredible the first weekend of June. In less than three days, the team of GlamXperience® changed the view of the town in a spectacular way, using six converted shipping containers and four extensions. The unique container design of architect Robin Larsen was built in the factory of GlamXperience® in Clyde and was set on his final footings over the weekend for our client Clifftop at Hepburn. David and Mani Penman, owners of the three highly awarded Clifftop at Hepburn villa’s, expanded Australia’s most romantic stay with four luxurious hotel [...]

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Styling our Glamping Tents

Glamping simply explained is a luxurious way of traditional camping. You will find yourself in a prime location in a beautiful outdoor setting but with all the comfort of a hotel room. Having said that, the last thing we want is for you is to feel like you are in a sterile or boring hotel room whilst Glamping. You are in the middle of nature for crying out loud! Therefore we are very passionate about intensifying that outdoorsy, yet comfortable Glamping experience. So besides tents in all sizes and shapes, we actually design and create unique and luxurious interiors to [...]

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Book recommendation: Flavours of Victoria

Our company is growing and with that more and more beautiful Glamping venues are popping up all over Victoria. Whilst visiting all these destinations we get a glimpse into rural life in Victoria and beyond. Although it’s not always a most glamorous lifestyle, it is often a passionate and sustainable way of life. Creative thinking, determination and hard work create plenty of options to derive income from the land. Many farmers and restaurant owners show this by providing their visitors with fresh local produce and proudly invite them to learn more about their work and lifestyle. If you want to [...]

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The future trend of glamping

The world we live in is changing quickly. People are searching for new experiences and trends. Tourism worldwide is highly dependent on these megatrends and it has to find answers to these challenges to keep up with consumer demand. How can the concept of glamping take part in these numerous global challenges? If the camping industry wants to attract the so called ‘Millenniums’ generation they will have to focus to the core values of camping but with the adjustment in needs for this market. Operate sustainable, emphasize on socializing, exploring the outdoors and tap in to the needs of the [...]

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