How GlamXperience’s container concepts are changing parks

A while back Sandra was interviewed for Holiday Parks Downunder, below you'll find a copy of the resulting article. GlamXperience, you get the permit, we do the rest!   Sep 06 2020 Sandra and Leon Juffermans from GlamXperience have a knack for turning problems into solutions. Indeed, local challenges shaped their approach to building holiday park accommodation, now comprising Bell Tents, family-size Safari Tents and CC-Container conversions. “We really looked into the climate,” says Sandra, who emigrated from the Netherlands to Australia three years ago. “It’s one of the hardest to deal with. You have more radiation here than in [...]

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The market in Australia, who goes glamping?

Glamping in Australia is taking off, and we notice it directly. Not only are all resorts with glamping accommodations booked full over the holiday season, more and more resorts, farmers, wineries and caravan grounds are enquiring about the possibilities on how Glamping can work for them. There is lots of growth and there is plenty of room to grow even more. Eco-friendly falling asleep under a billion stars whilst roasting marshmallows and sipping wine around a campfire. "Wait, have we pitched our tent yet??" Many find the latter a bit intimidating... So, who goes glamping? Couples, families and even corporate [...]

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