Setting up a glamping business in Australia – how to get my plans financed?

There are a few things to consider when setting up and financing your glamping business in Australia. Offering glamping accommodation to your guests does not just simply involve “buying the tent”. Depending on your location, you will have to think about how you will decorate your glamping experience and what heating or cooling will be required. Do you need to install a water tank or solar power? Will you need to build a path/road for easy access for your customers? And don’t forget things like waste management and sewage, which are additional costs to consider when starting your glamping business.  The [...]

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The cost of glamping – how much should I charge for a night in a glamping tent?

Pricing your glamping nights might sound challenging, but it does not have to be! Keep in mind that a glamping night is not just accommodation, it’s an experience - and your customers, the NEO’s, are willing to pay for that! How much a glamping experience will eventually cost, will depend on the following factors:What kind of seller are you?  How private is your location? What are the special touches of your location? (f.e. The view) How large is the location and how many people can be accommodated? How big is the competition? What season are you in? What other products [...]

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How to attract customers to your glamping business

It’s never too early to start reaching out to your potential customers. Usually, we recommend starting researching a little about the potential of your spot as soon as you’ve ordered your tent. That way, when your tent arrives, gets installed and is ready to be decorated, you have a better idea on how to suit your customer target market.The glamping industry customers are known to be “NEOs” - highly progressive individualists, who don’t mind spending a little more in order to get the best and authentic experience. Read more about Neo's here.Now, let’s get started! We hope that the following [...]

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How to start a Glamping business in Australia – 8 steps

By starting a glamping business ourselves several years ago, we have learned (through trial and error) almost all there is to know about building this kind of organization from the ground up. The joys but also the stresses around starting a business are actually something we still deal with on a daily basis. Besides learning by doing, we have also received help & feedback from other glamping specialists, which we thankfully applied to our knowledge each year in order to design better and more durable products. We have a great passion for glamping and the industry as a whole, and [...]

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The right time to start a Glamping business in Australia is NOW

Yes, you read it: there has probably never been a better time to set up a glamping business in Australia. Why would you say? Isn’t there some crazy virus going around, killing off tourism altogether? Well yes, a lot is going on and with that, a lot is changing. A whole new (primarily domestic) market is arising at the moment. And when travelling is up and running again, you and your glamping site will actually be one of the directions these new travellers are heading towards! Who are your new customers? - Get to know the Australian NEOsThe entire tourism industry [...]

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How GlamXperience’s container concepts are changing parks

A while back Sandra was interviewed for Holiday Parks Downunder, below you'll find a copy of the resulting article. GlamXperience, you get the permit, we do the rest!   Sep 06 2020 Sandra and Leon Juffermans from GlamXperience have a knack for turning problems into solutions. Indeed, local challenges shaped their approach to building holiday park accommodation, now comprising Bell Tents, family-size Safari Tents and CC-Container conversions. “We really looked into the climate,” says Sandra, who emigrated from the Netherlands to Australia three years ago. “It’s one of the hardest to deal with. You have more radiation here than in [...]

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Secondary income for farmers and seasonal industries

Farms, wineries, and restaurants - all of these industries are dependent on seasons; with success often being dictated by the weather. What if I told you success could be more in your hands, not dependant on the weather. Interested? I thought so!   In Europe, season-based industries have found an unconventional way to expand, by means of heavy-duty canvas! Worry no more, profits through the door. It's a special kind of canvas, it's fire retardant, UV resistant, heavy-duty, weatherproof, long- lasting and made into an eco-friendly (drum roll please...) Glamping tent!   Glamping, have you heard of it? It's the mix [...]

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The market in Australia, who goes glamping?

Glamping in Australia is taking off, and we notice it directly. Not only are all resorts with glamping accommodations booked full over the holiday season, more and more resorts, farmers, wineries and caravan grounds are enquiring about the possibilities on how Glamping can work for them. There is lots of growth and there is plenty of room to grow even more. Eco-friendly falling asleep under a billion stars whilst roasting marshmallows and sipping wine around a campfire. "Wait, have we pitched our tent yet??" Many find the latter a bit intimidating... So, who goes glamping? Couples, families and even corporate [...]

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Why is Glamping so popular?

Hi all, My name is Daniel and I’m new here at GlamXperience, a 32-year-old Dutchy with a background in real estate and psychology, then I learned about GlamXperience and that was it, I was sold. I just had to come and work here; it was so obvious it was a given. Now that I’m here I’m loving every step of the way, account manager reporting for duty to make your vision a reality! Innovation, sustainability and accommodation, it’s everything I ever looked for and more. It’s going to be busy and we’re bracing ourselves for a serious growth phase [...]

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How it all started

One day back in 2009 I was designing an Adventurous kids cubby house for our kids. For the windows, I wanted to make army green canvas covers and I started searching on the internet for a wholesaler in canvas. That’s how I found a wholesaler in Nijkerk and I called him if he had the canvas on stock that I was searching for. He told me he imported the Canvas from a friend in Pakistan, and that he would come over that day. At the time I was reading a book called “Tennis in Kabul” and I was always interested [...]

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