The market in Australia, who goes glamping?

Glamping in Australia is taking off, and we notice it directly. Not only are all resorts with glamping accommodations booked full over the holiday season, more and more resorts, farmers, wineries and caravan grounds are enquiring about the possibilities on how Glamping can work for them. There is lots of growth and there is plenty of room to grow even more. Eco-friendly falling asleep under a billion stars whilst roasting marshmallows and sipping wine around a campfire. "Wait, have we pitched our tent yet??" Many find the latter a bit intimidating... So, who goes glamping? Couples, families and even corporate [...]

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Book recommendation: Flavours of Victoria

Our company is growing and with that more and more beautiful Glamping venues are popping up all over Victoria. Whilst visiting all these destinations we get a glimpse into rural life in Victoria and beyond. Although it’s not always a most glamorous lifestyle, it is often a passionate and sustainable way of life. Creative thinking, determination and hard work create plenty of options to derive income from the land. Many farmers and restaurant owners show this by providing their visitors with fresh local produce and proudly invite them to learn more about their work and lifestyle. If you want to [...]

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Story Time: Our timeless Tasmania Glamping trip

Wow… what an amazing adventure - is what we said to each other after arriving back in Melbourne. Imagine combining all of the best spots in Australia together onto this small picturesque island – This is what it was like! And even though I describe it as a small island, it is still twice the size of the Netherlands! One of our highlights was the lovely and peaceful Scamander Sanctuary Holiday Park, located on the Tasmanian highway between Bay Of Fires and Wineglass Bay. Upon arriving we received a very warm welcome from the General Manager, Louise. We were guided [...]

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Story Time: Eagle Dream Lodge, realization of a dream project

Sally-Ann, the owner of the Eagle Dream Lodge (our Bedouin Tent), wrote a little story for us about the realization of her dream. We love her vision and passion in life so we asked her to write something about her Xperience with us and how she came up with this beautiful idea. Sally-Ann Intuition, a deep sense of knowing, a feeling, a core wisdom, call it what you like – I had it when I first came across this unique property I am about to tell you about. I have named her Eagle Dream Lodge, knowing that this would be a place of [...]

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Greetings from our test team (Glamping Victoria)

Luxury Glamping Victoria? Our test team put it to the test and recently went glamping on Phillip Island. And they were so excited, that they wanted to blog about it. But before you read this, keep in mind that our test team's first language is Dutch. We didn't want to correct the text since it has a lot of character and it didn't feel right to "alter" their story. Roméé Hi, I’m Romee from the test team. We went a few weeks ago to Phillip Island. At the beginning, we had to drive almost 1,5 hour. During the trip, I [...]

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Sleeping under canvas

To me, sleeping under canvas is sleeping in harmony with all the elements of nature, giving you the ultimate feeling of freedom and well being. My first real glamping experience was in Portugal. I was asked by the owners of five Luxury Safari Tents, to style these for them with an authentic French bath and hotel quality finishing's. I love my job :-) Once I arrived I was really excited about the idyllic spot. The campsite was completely remote with no WIFI or phone connection. We had to climb up a one kilometer hill in order to get one dash reception [...]

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