Introducing the newest product range from GlamXperience- the Glamtainer. This really is an ‘out of the box’ approach to shipping container conversions and I’m absolutely in love with them! Here’s why…

I’ve heard people refer to shipping container conversion as the ugly industrial brother of the man cave. It’s strong, durable. They’re all practicality and no style and inherently posses an aroma of modern day international trade. You just have to drive past a shipping port to know what I mean.

Its these characteristics that have left councils across Australia spinning about their use as a storage shed in the domestic and rural landscape. Yet, authorities are inundated with applications for shipping container dwellings and structures. People just can’t get enough of them… The structural strength and functionality for a container, along with feasible transport costs are unsurpassed… it’s lego for adults!

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Despite the rocky road for container based dwellings, there have been flashes of impressive approaches over the years, and the Glamtainer Skybox is certainly one of them.

Engineered Transformation

When it comes to shipping container conversions, the major restriction is certainly not in length, nor height (the High Cube sits at a whopping 9’6ft), but its width.

With out providing additional canopy coverage, the width of a single container leaves little opportunity for floor plan options. Plugging multiple containers together or external extensions require a hardwired installation approach and may not easily be reversed. In many instances this will not be a problem, but it does complicate matters when it comes to maneuverability and ease of installation.

Quality german engineering delivers a smooth pull out function, allowing you to expand the floor to ceiling double glazed panels with the push of a hand. It is a magnificent sight to see a 20’ container transform into a designer space in one step.

Off grid tiny house

Turn Key Luxury

GlamXperience has a holistic approach when it comes to design and the Glamtainer Skybox is a great example of this. They’ve created a highly functional space that can be created in moments, with applied design that refuses to compromise on style or luxury.

Beautifully rendered interior walls are understating, but succeed in detaching the idea that you are standing a shipping container. The door hinges and non invasive window frames are a statement of quality in itself. When you open the double glazed window doors, it reminds you that this is not just another conversion, but rather a conversion like no other.

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Inside, there’s ample space for a king or queen bed to be perfectly orientated offering amazing views, while the lounge and kitchenette space is efficient and non-invasive of the bedroom area. Floor to ceiling tiling and quality fixtures provide a robust and minimalistic bathroom space, offering everything you would need from an ensuite.

Upheld Integrity

The Glamtainer Skybox comes with a CSC Approval status. It meets the safety standard of international shipping requirements, which means it can be shipped anywhere in the world. Together with its ability to be set up within an hour, the Glamtainer is perhaps the most efficient and flexible option I can think of when it comes to pop up (or pop out) luxury accomodation. And when it comes to closing up, the Glamtainer Skybox can be returned to a locked and shippable unit.

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Off Grid Compatibility

Glamxperience team are extremely passionate about off grid energy and utility solutions; it’s what gives them the ability to offer their solutions to some of the most beautiful and remote locations in the world.

And why not? its 2017 after all and you don’t have to be connected to the power grid to maintain modern comforts. You don’t even have to be guru to set it all up, GlamXperience have multiple plug and play solutions that will suit your needs.

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In Conclusion

A game changer? I say yes! It’s the whole package for me. The Glamtainer’s robust, modern and luxurious space, and it’s ability to be easily deployed in amazing locations, time and time again, make this a true gem and I expect it will change the landscape of glamping in Australia.

GlamXperience Australia™