Glamping simply explained is a luxurious way of traditional camping. You will find yourself in a prime location in a beautiful outdoor setting but with all the comfort of a hotel room.

Having said that, the last thing we want is for you is to feel like you are in a sterile or boring hotel room whilst Glamping. You are in the middle of nature for crying out loud!

Glamping interior

Therefore we are very passionate about intensifying that outdoorsy, yet comfortable Glamping experience. So besides tents in all sizes and shapes, we actually design and create unique and luxurious interiors to top off the experience. Most of our Glamping furniture is made in our own factory.

Personally, we think our furniture is the ‘secret ingredient’ that makes our ‘Glamping Recipe’ so special. The use of natural materials and a practical approach highlight the adventurous outdoor feel of Glamping without losing sight of comfort and style.

Our creative team is never short of ideas. New ideas are made visual by mood boards and drawings. Thereafter our dedicated cabinetmakers transform the idea into a first prototype. Thorough testing and improving where necessary takes place before a new design is actually taken into production.

The furniture is made from a very fast growing Scandinavian pine sourced from Scandinavian replanting forests, meaning new trees are planted as soon as they are.

Since back in the days this timber has been used as scaffolding wood on building sites. It’s strong, durable and easy to maintain. On top of that it has a very natural and rough look about it and with a bit of sanding down lends itself perfectly for upcycling. The grey washed look of concrete dust adds that extra cool look and makes every piece of furniture look unique.

Part of our furniture range is for sale on our webshop, allowing you to bring that unique, natural look into your own home. Because everybody deserves a bit of Glamping!

Monique for GlamXperience
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