The world we live in is changing quickly. People are searching for new experiences and trends.

Tourism worldwide is highly dependent on these megatrends and it has to find answers to these challenges to keep up with consumer demand. How can the concept of glamping take part in these numerous global challenges?

If the camping industry wants to attract the so called ‘Millenniums’ generation they will have to focus to the core values of camping but with the adjustment in needs for this market. Operate sustainable, emphasize on socializing, exploring the outdoors and tap in to the needs of the consumer.

Just a simple luxury glamping tent won’t work anymore. The industry has to offer more to give this new type of traveler the experiences they are after. They can do this in the form of advanced concepts.

These concepts offer innovative forms of accommodation with outdoor activities, organic food enjoyed with each other at long tables, workshops let by passionate experts, yoga and boutique shops incorporated in a hospitality business are the future concepts. Create the surroundings where people are inspired and can connect so they can feed the body, mind and soul.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

We look forward to this future of glamping with our own concepts at GlamXperience.

Sandra Juffermans
GlamXperience Australia™

About GlamXperience™

In 2015 Léon and his wife Sandra, realized that Australia has everything for taking their concept of glamping to the next level. As THE outdoor country of the world, and with a population that is aware of the importance of balance between work, family and spare time, Australia will form the base for their new company GlamXperience. As one of the founding directors of the first and most successful glamping companies in Europe, Léon is always looking to learn, evolve and innovate. Together with his family, their European and new found Australian partners, GlamXperience  operates in the Asia Pacific market from their base in Melbourne.