Sally-Ann, the owner of the Eagle Dream Lodge (our Bedouin Tent), wrote a little story for us about the realization of her dream. We love her vision and passion in life so we asked her to write something about her Xperience with us and how she came up with this beautiful idea.


Intuition, a deep sense of knowing, a feeling, a core wisdom, call it what you like – I had it when I first came across this unique property I am about to tell you about. I have named her Eagle Dream Lodge, knowing that this would be a place of inner healing for the community. At the time when we bought this beautiful place, I had no idea it would literally bring about my own healing and growth from deep trauma. The land has clear profound energy where you can fully immersive yourself.

Over the last few years, I have been building this dream, nurturing the vision and putting strategies into place for creation. Eagle Dream Lodge has a special place in my heart, there is freedom of spirit, healing, learning, creativity, wisdom and joy. With the Bedouin Tent as its heart, its womb space, its core I have created a place for facilitators to come and teach their learning, impart their knowledge and to grow our community.

Set on over 70 acres of natural landscape Eagle Oak Dream Lodge is a holistic space for camping and facilitating. All facilitators have the full use of the land, the 3 bedroomed house and the Bedouin tent which take approximately 20 people. My dream is a creation of spirit, love, devotion, respect of the land and of the vision I held in my heart.

Thank you to Leon and Sandra from GlamXperience for the passion they have for their work and their business. From our first meeting with them, it has been an exchange of dreams. I feel very grateful they could see my vision and with their input and professionalism, I have managed to create the space I desired for Eagle Dream Lodge.


Sally-Ann for GlamXperience
GlamXperience Australia™