After a year of preparation we were finally ready to take off on our big journey. We sold our family home, packed our furniture and organized a farewell party at our favourite local pub.

On our final day in The Netherlands the local TV station interviewed us and our business partner Luxe Tenten about our immigration to Australia, which makes a great keepsake for our friends and family to look back on in the future.

After a 12 hour flight, 2 days in Singapore and another 7 hour flight, we finally arrived in Melbourne. The first week we had a lot of appointments, and we had to arrange everything for the new house we now call home. From gas, water and electricity connections to little things like buying kitchenware as our container will take some time to arrive in Melbourne. And don’t forget the WiFi of course! But instead of talking about our 10 trips to IKEA and sleeping on air mattresses (camping instead of glamping), let’s talk about what happened in our second week Down Under.

On the Saturday we had our first “Australian” Expo. We were excited to be part of Indesign Melbourne together with twelve other Dutch design brands. Initiated by the Consulate General’s office in Sydney this event was hosted by House of Orange in their HK Living warehouse in Cremorne.  We were able to showcase a Bell Tent and Dutch Tub which were styled with Storebror & HKLiving’s spring collection accessories and it looked amazing. Thanks for all the support Hans and Ursula of House of Orange, you are the best!! We generated some interesting leads and contacts and the visitors were thrilled about our Bell Tent and Dutchtub.

Another great upcoming event, again Dutch, is the state visit from his Majesty King Willem-Alexander and her Majesty Queen Máxima in November. We would be honoured if they would spend some time in our Luxury Safari Tent or our Dutchtub. Actually Queen Maxima already did some time ago in our showroom in The Netherlands. Hope she remembers 😉

But to cut a long story short: we are very excited to have arrived in Melbourne and to explore all possible business and personal ventures. We are working on a lot of new projects and products to make our ideas come true and we are really excited to work with great businesses helping us on our way.

Naomi Juffermans
GlamXperience Australia™

About GlamXperience™

In 2015 Léon and his wife Sandra, realized that Australia has everything for taking their concept of glamping to the next level. As THE outdoor country of the world, and with a population that is aware of the importance of balance between work, family and spare time, Australia will form the base for their new company GlamXperience. As one of the founding directors of the first and most successful glamping companies in Europe, Léon is always looking to learn, evolve and innovate. Together with his family, their European and new found Australian partners, GlamXperience  operates in the Asia Pacific market from their base in Melbourne.