The people of the small town of Hepburn Springs witnessed something incredible the first weekend of June. In less than three days, the team of GlamXperience® changed the view of the town in a spectacular way, using six converted shipping containers and four extensions.

The unique container design of architect Robin Larsen was built in the factory of GlamXperience® in Clyde and was set on his final footings over the weekend for our client Clifftop at Hepburn. David and Mani Penman, owners of the three highly awarded Clifftop at Hepburn villa’s, expanded Australia’s most romantic stay with four luxurious hotel rooms. The massive windows and glass bottom floors guarantee spectacular views and the interior will set new standards in accommodation.

It took the GlamX team ten weeks to convert the shipping containers in their factory in Clyde and just three days to put the four new hotel rooms on their final location. The rooms will be finished before the end of June. So, the peace will soon return to the small resort town, but the view will never be the same again.

Container Homes

The strength and durability of shipping containers is above questioning. No conventional build house can hold over a 100tons on four of their corners, but a shipping container is designed for that. The weathering steel gives the container a rough sturdy look and keeps the character of the containers well in sight.

The price of converting shipping containers with using the highest quality materials is comparable with normal luxury building. You get what you pay for, but it is faster, stronger and more durable. The biggest advantage for commercial use of converted shipping containers is that the ROI (return on investment) starts counting when you start renting out the room or villa. With a shorter building time (at least twice as fast) 120 days of rent (75% occupancy rate) x 4 villa’s x $350,- = $126.000,-. This makes the use of shipping containers 25%-35% cheaper compared to conventional building.

Another big advantage is the transportability. Seasonal use, for example, six months in the mountains and six months at the coast, is with the help of side loaders very well possible. For every professional in hospitality, a 12-month long high-season is a dream. With the use of Glamtainers from GlamXperience we can make this dream become reality.

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