The Crossover M is a real eye catcher for any event! The tent can be lit up at night with the clients color choice which is a great wow factor for a fairy tale wedding or corporate event.


The Crossover M has round shapes and robust tubes. If the weather allows and the event is held at a beautiful location, you can choose to leave the sidewalls off so you can enjoy the great view. Alternatively the side walls can be perfectly sealed off with transparent or closed side walls. It is even possible to place a door. The Crossover M is perfect for all purposes.

Endless connections

It it is desired to cover a larger area, multiple tents can be connected with the Crossover M like the Crossover L and the Hexadomes. The YKK zips connect the tents together and with a connection gutter it ensures that the tents create one stable space.

Quick and easy assembling

The Crossover M can be assembled in 45 minutes by two persons with a little help of a crane or telescopic lift. The small components are very easy to handle because they are made of a special aluminum. They are light weight but strong as steel. This way there is no muscle strength or tools required.


•  Central/common area

•  Event space

•  Combine with our smaller tents





Sizes Crossover M

Crossover M Sizes
Diameter38 m²
Distance from leg to leg622 cm
Height bottom to top375 cm
Height entrance215 cm
Packaging tubes stacked vertically120 x 80 x 247 cm (l x w x h), 291 kg
Packaging tubes stacked horizontally245 x 80 x 140 cm (l x w x h), 291 kg
Packaging cover (Airtex)45 kg
Packaging side panel (Airtex)8 kg
Packaging connection gutter2 kg
Ballast support100 x 94 x 7cm (l x w x h), 25 kg
Ballast interface 1 Crossover unit50 x 23 x 6 cm (l x w x h), 6 kg
Ballast interface multiple Crossover units71 x 71 x 6 cm (l x w x h), 22 kg
Anchor pin3.5 x 100 cm

Specifications Crossover M

Requirements lift/crane• Minimum lifting height: 450 cm
• Minimum safe working load: 250 kg
Transport box materialThe box is suitable for international transport because of its heat treatment according to the ISPM 15 regulation.
Fully closableWe can create a fully enclosed tent with side panels connected by YKK zippers. If desired, the side panels can be digitally printed on both sides.

The panels can be provided with windows and / or a door. The door can be opened by two vertical zips. These panels can only be printed on the outside.

For more information about the digital print, look under fabrics.
Connectability It is possible to connect two Crossovers or Hexadome units with a connection gutter. This can be applied by using the YKK zips.
AnchoringThe anchor points of the Crossover L are on the four corners of the structure. If more support is desired, we can provide additional anchor points.

Anchoring with anchor pins:
• For soft surfaces.
• The pins can be installed with a sledgehammer or with a mechanical device.
• The pins can easily be removed with an optional accessory pin.

Anchoring with screw connections:
• For hard surfaces.
• The feet of the structure are drilled into the hard surface with concrete screws, anchor bolts or special plugs.

Anchoring with ballast:
• For when it is not allowed to drill.
• We use concrete ballast tiles for this system.
• The tiles can be used as a bench or demo table by covering them.
• It is still possible to connect multiply Hexadomes or Crossovers with this anchoring method.

Anchoring at a stage:
• For stage roofing or part of a VIP deck.
• Can be anchored to the vertical beams of the stage with standard stage clamps.
Mounting pointsThere are four mounting poles in the structure which can hold 400 kg in total. This can be used to hang hardware or hold a snow load.

The corners are provided with a M10 mounting point which can hold a monitor or light fixtures. We offer an optional universal mounting kit for displays with mounting points.

Crossover M structure

Tubes6082T6 aluminum

The tubes can be powder coated or anodized:
• Powder coating: the tubes get a double layer coating from Dupont in a RAL color of your choice.
• Anodizing: the tubes will get a hard oxidize layer with a matte finish with the color of your liking.

Please contact us if you would like some personal advice or more information.
Connectors Galvanized S355-steel
CablesMarine grade stainless steel

Crossover M fabrics

All our fabrics are flame retardant (DIN 4102 B1, M2). If you would like some more information or personal advice, feel free contact us.

Mehler Airtex magic FR• Soft textile-like appearance
• Light weight (330g/m²)
• Faster assembly times
• Translucent
• Supplied in white, black optional

Download datasheet
Mehler Valmex Tivoli• Medium weight fabric (582g/m²)
• High gloss finish
• Available in several HDors, including silver

Download datasheet
Serge Ferrari Stam 6002• Light texture
• Matte coating
• Available in 16 HDors
• 100% recyclable

Download datasheet
DesignDownload our design template and customize it to your liking's. Once the edited design is submitted, we can process it for you to print.

Download design template
Download user instructions design template
LogosIt’s also possible to only provide the tent with your logo. The maximum width of the logo is 235cm. Download the design template and see your possibilities.

Some logos have to be applied with special epoxy paint because not all materials are printable. The maximum size is 150 x 150cm. It's only possible to use a few different HDors and may not contain gradients.
Print materialsWe use white or grey Airtex material. When white, the tent is illuminated from the inside. This effect is less with a grey back.

Another option is a block out material (780g/m²) so the print doesn’t shine through. If the sides are double printed on a block out material, it is recommended to use Frontlit PVC (450g/m²) material for the cover. It has the same light gloss finish and is slightly translucent.
EdgesThe edges of our product can not be printed. They are reinforced with PVC to expand their lifespan. The only option is to apply them in white or black.