The Bedouin Tents are inspired on one of the oldest and well known tent in history, used by nomad people of Northern Africa.

High quality

The Bedouin Tents are developed by in 2012. The co-operation with worlds leading manufacturers of canvas and PVC, ensures high quality Tents, and for the Australian climate the PVC is treated with an extra layer of fluor.


The Bedouin Tent is designed by The idea was to keep close to the original form, but more suitable for extreme weather conditions. The typical form gives the tent an authentic look and feeling, and the shaded veranda is a lovely place to hang out for your guests. They can do some cooking on the Outdoor Oven or relax in the cosy lounge area.


Our Bedouin Tents are spacious enough to accommodate 4-6 people and our designers love to make a custom made concept. From an oriental bed to an authentic kitchen, and from hanging chairs till a luxury bathroom. Everything is possible… To complete the GlamXperience, you can also add the Dutchtub.

By using the original Bedouin Tents as inspiration, and combining this with today’s comfort and luxury, we bring an oriental experience to Australia.


•  High-end glamping villa

•  Eco-resort luxury accommodation

•  Restaurant & receptions area

•  Yoga & workshop space





The construction of the Bedouin Tent is made of 10 cm thick wooden poles, fixed in 2.9 mm galvanised steel connectors. By securing the pole construction directly on the wooden deck, this model doesn’t need any robes. This means that the Bedouin Tent needs little space and most important of all; it has a low footprint.

Bedouin TentSizes
Inner tent canvas920 x 550 cm
Inner tent top height300 cm
Inner tent side height180 cm
PVC roof standard1100 x 850 cm
PVC roof top height350 cm
Veranda standard920 x 250 cm
Size ground floor50.6 m²
Nr of people sleeping4-5 persons


For the Bedouin Tents we use only high quality and flame retardant materials. For the Australian climate the PVC is treated with an extra layer of fluor.

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ElementsSpecificationsTechnical standards
PVC roofUV and flame retardant PVC 650gr/m².

The PVC is easy to clean and meets the stringent European, British and American fire regulations (M2, B1 and DIN 4102 standard).

The PVC roof is tensioned with ratchet straps.
The UV and flame retardant PVC 650gr/m² meets the following standards:

• BS 7837
• DIN 4102 – Class B1
• M2 Classification NFP 92 – 503
• EN 13501-1 B-s3, d0
• Total weight DIN and ISO 2286-2 – 650 gr/m²

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Canvas inner tent
Flame retardant and Royal Ten Cate Campshield 420gr/m² with the same unique breathability as cotton.

In 2009 Ten Cate Outdoor Fabrics introduced an innovative fabric with inherently flame retardant properties. The fibers in this fabric provide extra security and protection. It is scorch, glow and spark resistant. Textile material that is flame retardant has an inhibiting effect on the occurrence of fire and slow fire spreading.

The Royal Ten Cate Campshield meets with the strict standards of the European, British and American fire regulations.

The Campshield of Ten Cate is designed for year round use (summer – winter). It will remain in perfect condition, in all kinds of weather standards for many years and is water and dirt repellent.

The windows are double layer made of mosquito net and transparent PVC. They can be closed with roll down blends.
Ten Cate Campshield meets the following standards:

• BS 7837: 1996
• DIN 4102 part 1 - 1998 - Class B2
• M1 Classification NFP 92-503 (1995)
• CSE RF 1/75/A (1984)
• Comfort CPAI 84
• Water- and dirtrepellent
• Weight 420gr/m² + 5%

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FixingThe inner tent hanging system is a unique system. It has point loading, so the weight is distributed by multiple fixing points across the surface of the structure.
ConstructionThe connectors of the construction are made from 2.9 mm hot dipped galvanized steel.

The poles have a dia of 100 cm and are made of FSC Nordan European pinewood.

FSC is a green label that ensures that the raw materials for the wood, comes from responsibly managed forests, with attention for the people and animals which are depending from the forest.


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