“Europe’s style now in Australia”. Our interview and advertisement in the Age from Sunday the 30th of October.


Europe’s  style now  in Australia  Luxury tent stays allow  people to connect with nature

at unique sites – without  sacrificing comfort.

Germany, the Netherlands, France, England – camping with all modern comforts, is having massive growth in Europe.

In the United States, tepee, yurt, tree house and safari tent experiences are in demand from urban tribes seeking nature­based nights under canvas – with inside bathrooms, “interior zones”, fabulous lighting and comfortable beds.

It’s a long way from the humble tents and BYO camps of earlier generations, and it’s a market that has taken offin Australia.

We’ve reappraised local attractions and decided we do want to explore reef, desert and rainforest, indulge in local produce and artisan booze, stargaze and barbecue – but without forgoing an upscale lifestyle.

Savvy adventure companies, tourist operators and festival organisers have had


to move quickly to meet demand, building expensively from scratch and sending their reps dashing around the world to source canvas, interior finishes, furniture and bedding.

Not any more. Europe’s glamping builds, interiors and stylish accessories are now available in Australia, courtesy of Dutch couple Leon and Sandra Juffermans.

Their Victorian company, GlamXperience, is the go-to for safari, bedouin and bell tents, domes and lodges. At, the Juffermans also showcase barbecues, ovens, hot tubs, interiors and lighting.

“We started the business in Europe, did the design and manufacturing ourselves and then thought, ‘Well, the outdoor country of the world is Australia’,” says Leon Juffermans.

“We sell our tents, lodges, domes and accessories to wineries, resort owners,

B&Bs and people who want stylish canvas shelter on their property.” Glamxperience’s best-seller is the safari tent, imported from the Netherlands and available in three sizes. At Dandenong, the Juffermans’ team finish interiors and make artisan furniture.

“Our safari tents have the comforts people now expect: indoor bathroom and toilet, a great kitchen, good mattress and bed,” Juffermans says.

“We designed, built and furnished for the toughest conditions in Europe and for really discerning guests and we’ve brought those sensibilities to Australia. We make our furniture from reclaimed wood and bring European concepts to the interiors.

“People who like the adventure of camping but without the trouble of putting up a tent or bringing their gear from home really enjoy our tents.”

The Juffermans’ reimagining of campfire cooking and heat includes outdoor ovens and Ofyr barbecues. “To stand around it with friends, have some wine or beers and cook on it is an experience,” Juffermans says. “Michelin chefs cook on it and my kids make pancakes on it. Resorts and hotels buy them, and now people are buying the Ofyr and oven just for their own gardens.”


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Our company “GlamXperience” is specialised in designing, manufacturing, building and styling fully equipped Safari Tents, Bedouin Tents, Bell tents, Glamtainers and Event domes for the leisure and event industries.

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